Taiwan and japan to remove fee on working holiday visa

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) promulgated that Japan and Taiwan have decided to take away the visa application fees for their mutual working holiday programs. The latest procedure is aimed at lightening the financial burden of the youth of both these countries.

Japan's Interchange Association which is symbolic of Japan's interest in Taiwan, processes the working holiday visa for Taiwanese youth twice a year. The coming Friday will most likely exhibit a list of applicants who have qualified for this visa.

Those who are eligible to get this visa will be exempt from paying the NT$1,100 fee for the visa application.

The Taiwan-Japan program came into existence in June 2009, allowing 2,000 adults annually, between the ages 18-30 from each country to visit the other for a period of one year for the purpose of work or leisure.

This September, both countries decided to increase the annual quota to 5,000 under this program, effective from October.

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Posted On : 02 December,2014