Tourist visa to france in 48 hours

Chalo France visa for Indian tourists
The government of France has made an important announcement on Thursday regarding the visas, in order to attract tourists from India. The government has also launched an app named chalo France for the tourists. 

Business and tourists visas for Indians to enter France will be granted within 48 hours by the French consulate. 

The new steps taken by the French government shows that they country is dedicated in strengthening the relationship and remove the hurdles between both the countries. 

When compared to 2013 there is a drastic growth by 33 percent in the number of visas granted to the Indians in 2014, the ambassador Richier said. 

It is also decided that from December 1 eight French consulates will be opened in the country. Visas to France are now possible through anywhere in India. 

The ambassador said that the application chalo France will be on hand from December 10, where the Indian tourists who are planning for a holiday in France will find A to Z information in the application.

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Posted On : 28 November,2014