Slovakia all set to expand its tourists ties with belarus

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Slovakia is all set to expand the tourists' knots with Belarus. On November 25 at the Minsk event the Slovakia Charge d'Affaires said to the Miroslav Mojzita Belarus to blot the beginning of the wintry weather and the winter universaide association. 

The representative stressed that they will like to work together with the Belarus tourism sector and they are functioning in the same direction. The consulate of Slovakia has openly said that they hope to attract number of tourists from Belarus.

On the other hand according to Mojzita, a large number of groups' stopover Slovakia in wintry weather as the tourism in winter is well organized by the country. He added on by saying that tourists who have visited the ski resort at Slovak are excited to come back and winter universaide is going to be a stimulus in 2015 to Slovakia.

There is a growth in the graph of figure of tourists visiting Slovakia from Belarus. In the past the Slovakia embassy has granted around six thousand visas and it increased to granting 25,000 in 2014.

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Posted On : 27 November,2014