Tourist visa for okinawa to be relaxed

 Tourist Visa For Okinawa To Be Relaxed
International tourists travelling to Okinawa Japanese Island will have an easier process in getting hold of the visa in the future. The government on Sunday has conformed to ease the visa regulations for the visitors.

In order to attract more people to visit the beautiful southernmost prefecture, the immigration procedure for the Island will be eased.

Due to the presence of military base in the Island, it was a place of special strategy. So getting a tourist visa was more complicated than any other place in Japan.  

The senior vice president in the cabinet office said that the Island will be triggered for the restoration of the Japanese economy by creating international innovation and tourism.   

Apart from the beautiful weather and tropical Island feeling the place also has beaches. Okinawa boasts about its distinct culture which is found apart from the mainland Japan.

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Posted On : 26 November,2014