Zambia and zimbabwe to launch the univisa program

Zambia and Zimbabwe to launch the univisa program
The tourism director of the tourism and arts ministry Albert Munchanga said that the governments of Zimbabwe and Zambia are all set to introduce the univisa for the KAZA region on Friday of this week.

The tourists visiting either of the countries under this visa must pay 50 dollars, which will be valid for up to 30 days as long as you are in the any of the two countries.

The launch of this visa will be officiated by the home affairs and tourism ministers of both countries. The launch is expected to happen on the bridge of Niagara Falls.

Univisa for the KAZA region would save money and time for the tourists as one visa allowed to visit both the countries said, Mr Munchanga during a press meet.

The minister also named some countries in the SADC region which will be later initiated in the univisa scheme.  He added on by saying that the univisa would be effective after the launch and will be administrated at eights ports of entry.

The minister said that nationals from 40 countries will be allowed to obtain the visa at eight ports of entry.

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Posted On : 25 November,2014