Japan to relax the visa regulations for chinese multiple visa

Japan To Relax The Visa Regulations For Chinese Multiple Visa
The government of Japan is planning to loosen the multiple entry visa conditions to the independent Chinese tourists.

The ministry of foreign affairs is presently taking care of the multiple entry visas for the Chinese tourists with a certain amount who are planning to stay overnight on their first trip to Japan in Okinawa Prefecture, Miyagi, Iwate or Fukushima.

The visa is applicable up to three years and the period of stay must be within 90 days for every each entry.
When the foreign minister met earlier this month, it conveyed the intention to ease the regulations to promote the exchanges.

The officials are looking into granting the multiple entry visas to the travelers whose income is less than the present criteria, if they have visited Japan previously in the past three years.

The officials are also considering in allowing the people who are earning high incomes to enter the country, even if they don't visit any of the mentioned four prefectures.

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Posted On : 24 November,2014