Australia to do away with travel barriers

Australia To Do Away With Travel Barriers
In order to increase Australia s visitor visa regime, the national industry body of Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) is taking some steps. This will help reduce barriers and increase the number of visitors to the country.

In order to improve their visa processing system, reforms are being made to expand Australia s tourism. This would be possible by reducing barriers for foreign tourists from key source markets like India, China and Indonesia.

TTF Chief Executive, Margy Osmond said that these visa reforms included the prioritizing of online visitor visa processing for the key markets. Other ways of boosting tourists to come to Australia include constant simplification and reviewing of visitor visa applications, along with extension of multiple-entry and multiple-year visas
Apart from the above changes, it is important to see if the needs and requirements of key source countries are being met. Introduction of a fee-for-service premium is also a good option for faster processing of visitor visas.

Osmond noted that once the international visitors are allowed to apply online and in their own native language, Australian visa processing would be considerably simplified. Issuing visas for longer periods would give rise to repeated visits and also reduce the documentary evidence burden.

With the right steps and approach, Australian tourism would greatly benefit the economic activity and national productivity of the country.

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Posted On : 22 November,2014