China tourist visa validity period increased from 1 to 10 years

China Tourist Visa Validity Period Increased From 1 to 10 Years
Travel visas were a headache, especially for the Chinese visas for a very long time. After a long process and hard work the validity for the visa was only for a year.

Then came the 72 hour visa free visits where there was no need to visa for quick trips such as business, shopping or taking an advantage for immense airfares for China which became a possible thing of not filing the passport with visa pages.

The present big news is the applicants are allowed for a 10 years Chinese visa, which was announced during the economic leaders meeting in Beijing in the presence of the US president.

Thanks to the reciprocity, the US and China now has the same visa rules where the country applies same visa rules and limitations. Reciprocity continues with the new announcement, as the citizens can enjoy the validity of visa for a decade.

Beneath the new accord, short term and business visas are valid for ten years and visas such as cultural exchange or student visas will be valid for five years.

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Posted On : 19 November,2014