South africa holds the third place for asylum seekers

South Africa holds the third place for asylum seekers
A representative from the UN refuges commissioner said that South Africa has an exemplary asylum policy which set a stone in all the rights provided in the numerous UN conventions on refugees.

Regional representative for South Africa Clementine said that the country stands in the third place of having number of seekers for asylum in the world after Germany on 12 November.

Clementine said that there is an estimation of 16.7 refugees around the world and 2.3 million of them are from Africa. In the middle of 1.1 million asylum seekers, Africans are about 329 608. A number of 33.3 million people were displaces internally in the home countries and 16.8 million were displaced in African countries.

Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Vietnam, Colombia, Myanmar, and Iraq hold the top position in the list of countries in the world which produce refugees.

The UN representative of refugees said South Africa presently takes in more than 70 000 refugees, out of which most of them are from the DRC, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. Despite the challenges faced by the country, the refugees are given all the basic rights such as access to social services, freedom of movement.

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Posted On : 18 November,2014