Voa for indians in australia tourism industry

The tourism industry proposed that Australia must also provide visa on arrival scheme to the Indian tourist in order to strengthen the trade relations between the two countries. As India has previously initiated this VoA process to the Australian tourists. 

The president of tour operators of Indian association Subhash Goyal said that tourism plays a key role in establishing mutual trade between two countries. There are number of Indian travelers who trip Australia each year, consequently the Indian tourists must be provided with the VoA. 

As reported by Australian tourism, by 2020 India is likely to put in over 1.9 billion dollars and 2.3 billion dollars every year. Indian held as the 11 major infiltrating tourism market by Indian travelers spending over 0.7 billion dollars in Australia 2013. 

India is one of the top growing migratory travel markets. By 2020, UN world tourism organization is estimating about 50 million migratory travelers. The tourism ministry is predicting that by 2041 - 2015 the visa arriving from India will add by six percent.

The tourism industry suggested that the Indian travelers in Australia should get the visa on arrival facility to strengthen the bilateral relations between both the countries, as India has already considered providing the visa on arrival scheme to the Australian travelers.  

Posted On : 17 November,2014