Emirates bid free tourists visa to uae

Emirates bid free tourists visa to UAE
Emirates is providing free UAE visa for Kenyan clientele while booking a ticket to Dubai. This free UAE visa is valid from 10 November to 20 November, 2014 and to travel, it is accessible between 10 November and 10 December, 2014 over business class, economy class and first class.

Kenya s new country manager, Ms. Anita Kongson stated that, being Emirates, they always aspire to offer customers value for money. . With this specified offer, individuals whoever books ticket to travel Dubai from Nairobi in the given duration will obtain UAE visa without any cost. Additionally, the travelers can gain famed award-winning services and products of Emirates while their travel to most historic cities in world.

Dubai is a top notch tourist destination with vibrant traditional cultures, futuristic architecture and diversity. It is the only place that can proffer exhilarating and varied travel enjoyment experience.

The departing ticket, which is booked through emirates to Dubai, is suitable for free visa. All the tourists can get the tickets by visiting the ticket counter of Emirates located at Kenya.

Apart from free visa offer, Emirates is operating extra daily flights from Nairobi to Dubai and other 140 places of 81 countries located across six continents. Emirates is the leading driver of A380 aircraft and Boeing 777.

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Posted On : 12 November,2014