Kazakhstan offers visa free regime for more foreign countries

Kazakhstan offers Visa-Free Regime for more Foreign Countries
Gearing up for the International Specialized Exhibition Expo 2017, Kazakhstan offers 15-day visa-free access to more foreign destinations.

The commissioner of Expo 2017 and the first foreign affairs deputy minister, said that the 15-day visa free access has been issued to nationals of 10 countries including the US, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Italy, Japan, France, Malaysia, UAE and South Korea from 15 July 2014 to 15 July 2015. And, the passport holders of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region can benefit from 14-day visa-free residence from 26 July 2014.

He stated that they have signed visa free regime with the European Union for diplomatic service passport holders and will discuss with the UK and the Schengen zone. He mentioned that they have reached a 30-day visa free agreement with South Korea and planning for a one-way 15-day visa free regime with Japan. Also, we are planning an agreement with China, followed by Vietnam and Indonesia.
Apparently, Kazakhstan will lessen air ticket prices and place more tour packages for travelers in addition to visa-free regime to attract tourists.
Sources said that Kazakhstan is enhancing its transportation facilities by constructing new roads, railways, hotels. Notably, around 40 new hotels will be built in Astana by 2017.

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Posted On : 07 November,2014