Northern ireland experiences advantages due to migrants

Northern Ireland Experiences Advantages due to Migrants
According to recent a report, Northern Ireland faces considerable economic and social benefits as a result of immigration. This report has been written by two academics from Queen's university who stated that 4% of the country's workforce is made up of migrant workers. This acts as an advantage to the build-up of the economy because of the migrants' contribution in tax than in services. A claim of 1.2bn from 2004 to 2008 to the economy of the country was made by the migrants alone.

This report was the brainchild of Professor Peter Shirlow and Dr Richard Montague of Queen's university, Belfast. The main idea behind writing the report was to erase the false impression about migrant misgivings. It examined all major areas including employment, economy, healthcare and education. The chief advantages from migrants were a stable economy, diverse culture and filling shortages in the employment sector with these skilled migrants.

In addition to the above stated facts, the key findings of the report were:

.    Employment percentage of the UK migrants is 81.5%.
.    Pupils belonging to the ethnic minority and attending school in Northern Ireland is 3%.
.    Less than 5% of EU migrants claim Jobseekers Allowance.

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Posted On : 05 November,2014