South africa to introduce e visa system for overseas travelers

South Africa to introduce e-Visa System for Overseas Travelers
Heres some good news for all the travelers heading to South Africa. With an intention to ease the access of visitors to South Africa, the country is likely to launch an e-visa system.

The director general of South Africa, Kingsley Makhubela, declared that at present department is working a study on e-visas and would quickly notify the Department of Home Affairs on the results.

The South Africa Democratic alliance (DA) has been constantly calling for e-visa system to ease the simpler access for travelers to South Africa. This means more visitors and more jobs for South African nationals.

The shadow minister for tourism, James Vos, said that he is constantly calling for the e-visa system implementation and listed out innumerable benefits and highlighted the industrys support for its implementation.

He would write to the portfolio committees chair person urging to present the result as soon as possible, so that further decisions can be made on the introduction of the e-visa system, he added.

Additional, he declared that implementation of e-visa system either on regional or global basis would reap advantages for travelers and the country.

The DA encourages this proposal and states that introducing e-visa system would endorse tourism, increase tourism revenue and enhance the economy to generate more jobs.
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Posted On : 28 October,2014