Japan to relax visa requirements for travelers to okinawa

Japan to Relax Visa Requirements for Travelers to Okinawa
In a bid to allure more number of overseas tourists the Government of Japan has agreed to relax the visa requirements for travelers visiting Okinawa, an island in Japan.

During a meeting to converse on methods of easing rules and regulations in Okinawa as one amongst the nations strategic special zones, the government agreed to continue with a study to ease the requirements of granting tourist visas and streamlining immigration procedures, officials said.

The senior vice minister of Cabinet Office, Masaaki Taira, at the conference in Naha-one of the prefectural capital, said that Okinawa would be a prompt for the renewal of the Japanese economy over the encouragement of tourism and creation of global improvement.

Besides Okinawa, the city of Niigata, the Kansai region as well as three other areas are selected as strategic special zones.

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Posted On : 27 October,2014