Victoria s Tourism Campaign Completes 20 Years

On 25th October, Tourism Victoria’s Jigsaw campaign “You’ll love every piece of Victoria” celebrated its 20th anniversary. It is one of the longest running and most successful destination marketing initiatives of Australia.

Louise Asher, Minister for Tourism and Major Events said that the Jigsaw campaign made a profound impact on Victoria’s tourism and in the year ending March, more interstate overnight visitors came to Melbourne than any other city in Australia.

She said that according to the consumer research, since the commencement of the campaign 20 years ago, the appeal and image of Victoria and Melbourne improved dramatically.

She added that now Melbourne is seen as the leading destination for large-scale international cultural and sporting events, innovation and design, theatre, quality food and wine, shopping, cafes, live music, bars, diverse precincts and streets, creating a clear distinction from other destinations in Australia.

Ms Asher said that the Jigsaw Puzzle has won more than 50 tourism awards and a primary factor in its success was its ability to communicate with the core target audience and remain relevant in engaging, new and innovative ways.

The Jigsaw puzzle which was launched on 25th October 1993 has progressed through 10 strategic phases over the past 20 years, each of which has been intricately connected and distinctive.

Play Melbourne, the most recent theme of the campaign which was launched in June 2011, builds on the reputation of Melbourne as a sophisticated, stylish city, while showcasing its energetic, colorful and vibrant side, converting that image into actual visits.

For Victoria, tourism remains a powerful economic driver with a contribution of 5.8% or $19.1 Billion a year to the total economy of the state.

The tourism industry provides over 200,000 jobs to Victorians and contributes 7% of employment in tourism and related industries.

Posted On : 26 October,2013