Don t look down 1 200ft high bridge opens above glacier in Austria

A new tourist attraction in Austria has opened allowing visitors to walk 1,200 feet above a glacier.

If you are scared of heights then this one is definitely not for you.

The 1,200ft high bridge, called Skywalk, is above the Dachstein glacier in Austria and offers visitors a stomach churning experience.

The Dachstein website even claims that visiting the bridge is only for those with "nerves of steel".

If it takes bravery to cross the bridge, then think how difficult it was to build.

Skywalk manager Josef Zoerweg said that the biggest challenge in building the bridge was actually the weather.

"It meant working under every condition - snow, wind and extreme coldness of minus 20 degrees (Celsius)," he said.

Visitors to the bridge love the experience.

Julia Jenetzko from Germany called the view “beautiful” while Josef Kettl simply stated that it was “awesome”

Posted On : 18 July,2013