Hong Kong Sevens scores longhaul travelers

THE Hong Kong Sevens draws the biggest influx of longhaul travellers into Hong Kong every year for a single event, with arrivals that week only surpassed by those during the Easter period and October-November tourist season.

According to figures released by Amadeus and Forward Data, bookings for the week of the Hong Kong Sevens event, made until March 6, are level with last year’s figures (0.2 per cent increase), but higher than 2011 levels (7.1 per cent higher).

Accounting for 43 per cent of total expected longhaul arrivals, Europe has been identified as the single biggest source region, followed by North America and Oceania at 31 per cent and 17 per cent respectively.

However, in terms of countries, the US emerged as the leader, with the UK and Australia trailing behind. The biggest growth came from Russia and Italy.

The majority of travellers (39 per cent) will be looking to stay between four and eight nights, representing a five per cent increase over the 2012 average and indicating that longhaul travellers are extending their stays beyond the tournament.

Said David Brett, president, Amadeus Asia Pacific: “These findings underscore the significance of the Hong Kong Sevens to the city’s tourism industry and highlight the opportunities for travel providers and businesses to cater to the influx of rugby fans.

“As the event continues to attract greater numbers, businesses that adapt their services to meet the varying traveller needs will be best placed to reap the benefits from this growth.”

Source: http://ttgasia.com/article.php?article_id=20689

Posted On : 27 March,2013