Tourism record in February

Vienna Tourism has set a new record in February and excelled the record from last year. There are more tourists from Russia, Great Britain, the USA and Japan.

Vienna Tourism registered 624,000 overnight stays, which was an increase of 5.6 percent compared to February 2012. This means that there were 1,298,000 overnight stays in the first two months of the year (up 2.5%).

The growth rates of important markets such as Russia, Great Britain, the USA and Japan have reached double figures. In contrast, Vienna Tourism registered a decrease of tourists from Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland.

Apart from Three-Star-Hotels, all hotel categories benefited from the record in February. The average bed occupancy increased to 37.4 percent. The net revenue of overnight stays of January was 29.4 million Euros.

Due to a new tax regulation, a direct comparison of the revenues in comparison to last year is not possible this year. It would only show "unrealistic growth rates".


Posted On : 23 March,2013