Germany to focus on wooing young Indian travelers

To tap the large pool of young Indian travellers, Germany is pitching itself as a destination that’s not just about cars, but also about forest, woods, culture and cuisine.

“Germany is more than just cars and high-tech. It is the country of poets and philosophers,” German Ambassador Michael Steiner said at a press conference organised by the German National Tourist Office (GNTO) here on Wednesday.

Steiner said the relations between India and Germany were at a “new high”, with the impending visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to the country in April.

Skill development

To attract youth, Steiner said Germany was taking steps such as lowering the entry facilities for jobs and studies. “Till 90s, we were a close society. But things are changing now,” he added.

He said since manufacturing needed skilled people, Germany could offer its dual system of practice and theory, which could be of help to India, too. “India needs 8 per cent growth, for which manufacturing is a must,” he added.


Steiner said the German Embassy would also host the ‘Oktoberfest’ in Delhi this year, on the lines of the festival held in Munich, Bavaria, every year. It is is a 16-day festival that celebrates German beer, cuisine, music and dance.

Romit Theophilus, Director, Sales& Marketing, GNTO India, said Germany planned to invest €0.5 million in India this year. “We are targeting a 10 per cent growth from all visitor segments from India in 2013,” he added.

He said the five cities that stood out as favourites with Indians were Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin and Dusseldorf.

This year, Germany is celebrating the 200th anniversary of famous fairytale writers, Grimm Brothers, as well as of composer and theatre director Richard Wagner, as also the 150th birth anniversary of artist and architect Henry van de Velde.


Posted On : 21 March,2013