New parks for Vienna

Vienna has around 850 green areas, and new areas and parks will be built this year. The 11,000 metre squared Leon-Zelman-Park will be opened in the area of the former Aspang railway station. Helmut-Zilk-Park is still in the planning phase.

Parts of the costs of Leon-Zelman-Park (1.3 million Euros) will be taken over by the European Union. The same applies to the recreation area in the middle zone of Neubaugürtel between Westbahnhof and Urban-Loritz-Platz (1.2 million Euros).

An area for skaters, a trampoline course, a hammock tower and furniture will be installed there until autumn 2013.

Helmut-Zilk-Park, a park dedicated to the former mayor of Vienna, is still in the planning period. The five-million-Euro park will stretch on an area of 70,000 square metres next to the main railway station. Helmut-Zilk-Park will be built from April 2014 until summer 2017.

Two more green projects were dedicated to the future "Lake City" of Vienna-Aspern. The central "Lake Park" and the adjacent "Yella-Hertzka-Park" will cost 6.6 million Euros. The EU will financially support this project, which is due in autumn 2014.

The gardeners of the city planted hundreds of thousands of spring flowers in the parks and green areas of Vienna last autumn. The colours of the season are pink and white.

Around one million pink Tulips "Barcelona" and white daffodils "Thalia" will make the city more colourful, starting in April. 250,000 wild violets will complement the flower composition.


Posted On : 20 March,2013