Cycle your way to the destination in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is built for cyclist. You can find more number of cycles than four wheelers. One third of Copenhageners commute to work and school in cycles.

Bike lanes & paths

Copenhagen has total of 350 km of cycle paths and lanes exclusively meant for cyclists. Also known as cycle superhighways, these lanes also have flashing lights, cycling air pumps etc. for convenience of cyclists.

Bike rent also available

Tourists don’t need to bring a bike to Copenhagen to enjoy the cycling. There are dozens of bike rentals. Even borrowing is also an option.

Copenhagen City Council also has a City Bike Map which shows the complete route and also cycle stand locations.

Take a tour of this wonderful and amazing city which takes green seriously and is making waves in world’s sustainability sector.

Schengen Visit Visa is required for Indians to travel to this Scandinavian country and enjoy the best of both worlds; old and new.

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Posted On : 07 March,2013