UK restricts appeal rights of Family Visit Visa applicants

From 9 July 2012, the applicants who have faced rejections for family visit visa will have limited right to appeal. The government laid the Immigration Appeals (Family Visitor) Regulations 2012 in Parliament, which set out who qualifies for a full right of appeal against refusal of a visa to visit family in the UK.

These regulations will change the appeal rights of family visit visa applicants, for those applying to visit their uncle, aunt, nephew niece or first cousin, or a relative who does not have settled, refugee or humanitarian protection status in the UK. Such applicants will no longer have a full right of appeal if refused. A limited right of appeal will remain for these people on human rights and race discrimination grounds.

No changes are being made to the rules governing who can qualify for entry to the UK as a visitor and genuine visitors are welcome.

Posted On : 20 June,2012