Dubai pitches for more health tourists by 2020

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) predicts that the number of medical tourists to the emirate would reach millions annually by the end of the decade. This will bring billions of dollars into Dubai’s economy.

Dubai is getting ready to become a major international medical tourism hub as it expands rapidly with its advanced healthcare sector and also relaxes medical tourist visa requirements.

 “[The increased number of tourists] shows the growth in that sector,”

“Similarly, the health sector will grow as the number of people attracted [to Dubai] grows. “As much as the people need, we can provide.

“The main challenge is to maintain it with quality – that's what I'm aiming to have in Dubai. As it's forming as a business hub we hope it will form as a private health [care] hub for the region.”

 “Dubai has the potential but I do feel they have a long way to go,”

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Posted On : 02 March,2013