Plans to build a temporary terminal at Heathrow Airport are announced to simplify immigration checks during London Olympics 2012

There is good news for all foreign travelers who are going to visit London for watching the Olympic Games. Heathrow airport has announced construction plan of a temporary terminal for the convenience of Athletes and visitors during the Olympic Games. This will improve the accessibility to the terminal & immigration checks at Heathrow Airport and help in accommodating the crowd.

'Games Terminal' will be the departure point for an estimated 10,100 athletes after the end of the Olympic Games. Hence it becomes quite necessary to manage the predictable surge in passenger numbers resulting in an increased immigration and visa checks increase during the Games.  

According to Heathrow airport, August 13th, the day after the London Olympics closing ceremony will be the busiest day ever in the History of Heathrow. It is assumed that there will be 35 % more departing bags than on a normal day. Heathrow is also expecting a 45% increase over the usual number of arriving passengers on 26 July, the day before the Opening Ceremony. The 'Games Terminal' will operate between 13 to 15 August and is expected to divert up to 10,100 people and 37,900 bags from other terminals. It will contain 31 check-in desks and be dismantled after the games. No flights will leave from the terminal. Athletes will be bused to departure lounges. Immigration and visa check will continue to be dealt with in the main terminals.

Nick Cole, head of Olympic and Paralympics planning at Heathrow, said, "The London 2012 Games will be a unique operational task and a massive challenge for Heathrow. The airport is one of the most popular international airports in the world and already operates close to capacity. Every part of the airport is working together to ensure we can give the athletes a warm welcome and ensure all passengers enjoy the atmosphere.”

This news follows an earlier announcement from UK immigration stating that Olympic VIPs will be given dedicated immigration and passport lanes at Heathrow Airport in order to fast-track the entry of 25,000 athletes, coaches and officials.

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Posted On : 02 February,2012