Germany Tourism Tops 400 Million Visitors

Destination Germany, a promotional program designed to lure travelers from around the world to vacation in Germany, is a success.

The program has experienced exceptional growth in the volume of overnight stays by visitors from every corner of the globe.

In fact, according to the German Federal Statistical Offices, the country’s tourist industry recorded an impressive total of more than sixty eight million eight hundred thousand overnight stays in 2012, a figure that represents a sizable increase of more than eight percent over the previous year, 2011.

To date, Destination Germany has exceeded its goal of attracting international travelers to its many interesting cities, its great tourist sites, its interesting people and its world-class entertainment and restaurants. More than four hundred million travelers have spent time – and tourist dollars – in the central European country.

German tourism and travel professionals have stated that the best is yet to come. They anticipate continued growth in the number of visitors who stay overnight in the country’s inns, guest houses and hotels in 2013 and beyond.

Of course, a healthy tourism industry is good for the national economy because it employs thousands and thousands of people and creates revenue … lots of it.


Posted On : 22 February,2013