Dubai expects more investment

Dubai proposes to attract more investment in its free trade zones as part of the ongoing efforts to strengthen the economy. This is the content of "Report Dubai 2013" published by Oxford Business Group, the World Foundation for publishing services and research and consulting firm, on its annual report on the economy of Dubai.

The report notes the organizational changes recently introduced by the Emirate government and efforts to maintain stability in the wake of the global financial crisis. It discusses the impact of strong legislation in parallel with the government’s efforts to improve the financing options for small and medium enterprises.

Regarding tourism, which is the hallmark of the economy, the report explores the plans to increase the number of visitors to Dubai, taking advantage of its reputation as a safe haven in the region.  It is the leading role played by the tourism sector that led to the recovery in the construction sector. “Dubai 2013 report” highlights the retail sector, which maintained its prosperity despite the global economic situation.

The overwhelming response to the launch of Dubai bonds worth $ 1.25 billion for 2013 indicates the level of investor confidence enjoyed by the Emirate.  Even as financial rating agencies see a bubble, Dubai economy is soaring to new heights.

Posted On : 21 February,2013