Travel Tips for Sweden

A few things about Sweden that every traveler should know:

Know about the Systembolaget stores

Don’t look at gas stations and local stores for wine or alcohol, the Swedish government has  set up Systembolaget stores for this purpose only.

Stores have a monopoly on retail sales of alcohol. It’s the only place in Sweden where you can buy wine and spirits and beer with alcohol content above 3.5 percent.

The products are sold only to people above 20 years of age.

What’s Fika

"Fika" is very important for Swedish; it means "coffee break" or "pause". Swedish love to spend time with their family and friends. They meet over coffee for relaxation from the hectic life.

Kids love Sweden

Young children would find no free time and would enjoy to their heart’s content with the various amusement parks, museums etc.

Skansen ,  Kolmården, Skånes Djurpark, Liseberg in Gothenburg and Gröna Lund in Stockholm are must visit

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Posted On : 21 February,2013