Sala Silvermine in Sweden A must visit for every one

Spending a night in a doesn’t seem a nice idea, but the Sala Silvermine in Sweden is a must visit mine where you should spend a night in their underground suites to enjoy the valuable settings.

Sweden receives thousands of tourists every year who come to come here to seek peace and tranquility. Pristine lakes, mountains, and the natural beauty of this European country will keep you hooked for a long. Visit the Sala Silvermine in Västmanland to gain a experience of a lifetime.

Mining in the place has stopped decades ago. Visitors are welcomed to discover this underground maze along with experienced guide.

Tour to Sala Silvermine is adventurous and sensational. Tourists are taken to a depth of 155 m underground. Visitors can spend their night in the local underground suite which is not luxurious, but immensely exciting.

Government of Sweden is planning to promote the place as a venue for parties, corporate events, weddings, concerts, even conferences.

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Posted On : 13 February,2013