Country Profile - Saudi%20Arabia

Name: Saudi Arabia

Location: Middle East.

Time: IST (-) 2 1/2 hrs

Capital: Riyadh

Language: Arabic (official) and English.

Area: 2,240,000 sq kms

Population: 12,643,799 (July 2011 est.)

National Day: 23 Sep

Currency: Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR)

Climate: Saudi Arabia has a desert climate. In Jeddah it is warm for most of the year. Riyadh, which is inland, is hotter in summer and colder in winter, when occasional heavy rainstorms occur. The Rub al Khali seldom receives rain, making Saudi Arabia one of the driest countries in the world.

Holidays:  23 Sep Saudi National Day. Eid-Ul-Fiter

Airline Name: Saudia (SV)

International Airports: King Khalid (Riyadh) (RUH), Al Khobar (Dhahran) (DHA), King Abdul Aziz (Jeddah) (JED)